Feb 11, 2012

Soccer! Part 2

Now for game day shots!  :)

It was a beautiful sunny day today, but quite cold.  That made for some cute baby shots in his dinosaur winter hat.  Jace has been super cute through this process, we are constantly pulling him off the soccer fields.  He seems to be begging for his chance to play.  Sometimes he will even start clapping when he hears the adults cheer.

Evan's team is Kansas City, and they gave themselves the nickname of the "Tornadoes."  His jersey color is a bright blue.  Ev started out on defense and played great!  He stayed tuned in to the game and made several great defensive kicks.  Later Ev played offense.  Dave said he was playing a great halfback position, hanging back a little for defense but attacking the ball if it came his way.  And finally Ev played goalie.  Again, I was super impressed that he remained focused on his game and less in the clouds.  The other team did score once on him, but after reviewing the video frame-by-frame he only missed that ball by an inch.  He dove for the ball and literally missed it by an inch.  Awesome job Ev!!!  Evan has yet to take of his jersey and is still playing soccer in the backyard five hours after his game ended.  :)

I failed to mention that Ev's team won three goals to two.  He was very excited.  It really was fun watching Ev play on a team using real positions.  It wasn't completely the soccer scrum of very young teams.  Speaking of soccer scrums, we ate a quick McDonald's lunch then headed to Jared's game. Jared's team is New England and the boys voted to give themselves the nickname "Texans."  Isn't that funny?  His jersey is dark navy blue.  His team is quite large, I would guess there are about 15 kids.  I know they had trouble finding enough coaches for all the teams so they may have had to dissolve a team or two to have a fewer number of teams.

Jared played enthusiastically all game.  I was so proud of him!!!  Such a change from a year ago!  And the best part was that he frequently ran back to mom and dad on the sidelines to tell us, "I am doing so good mom!!" and "Did you see I kicked the ball dad?"  It was awesome!  :)  Check out his game face:

Jared making a great defensive play, kicking the ball away from the goal.  Also known as, pure luck.  :)

That last cute shot was Jared looking to the official, in red, for approval.  Jared didn't have a game against another team.  Today they played the first half divided in to two teams.  It truly was mass chaos on the field with uncontrollable laughter on the sidelines.  Somehow Jared's team scored one goal and won their scrimmage.  The second half was kids vs. parents.  I believed the parents were coached to play keep away and not try to score, but of course Dave couldn't help himself.  He has such mad soccer skills he couldn't help but score a goal while trying to play keep away.  :)  After his goal Dave decided to hang back more.  Smart Jared figured him out and said, "Dad!  Pay attention and chase the ball!"  Ha ha!  So cute.

I love being a soccer mom!

Soccer! Part 1

Football is sadly over, but Evan has happily embraced soccer for this winter season.  The huge surprise is that Jared also asked to play soccer.  I was hesitant to sign him up to play because Jared absolutely refused to participate in practices or games during his 3 year old season.  And he was just as enthusiastic going in to the season.  We decided to take the risk and it has been a blast watching both boys eagerly diving in to their sport.

Here are some shots from practicing at home.  Ev of course was wearing his BYU outfit- a white and blue football jersey with red shorts to fool those Utes.  Seriously.  That is why he wears Cougar blue with red.  And during this post, check out the funny things Ev does with his tongue while he runs.  :)

You didn't think I would write a post without sneaking in a cute baby picture, do you??  ;)

Ev did get a little distracted after daddy got home from work and wanted to shoot some hoops.  Ev has asked to play basketball next.  He is going to be one well rounded sportsman!

Here are a few shots from their first team practices.  Unfortunately both of their fields were lacking on light so I didn't get many shots.  Ev is wearing the red and blue combo in this group shot.  I like his coach, he seems very enthusiastic and well organized.

Jared is also decked out in red and blue.  Man, was he ever bursting with excitement!!  His first practice was cancelled due to rain so he had to wait an extra week before he got to meet him team.  I love this shot because you can see how excited Jared is, he happily cheered for each teammate who scored a goal during drills.  And when he took his turn he tried to fake out his coach.  It was hilarious!

Jan 29, 2012

I Heart Faces - Favorite Picture of the Week

It was a tough choice.  But I am going with this shot of my oldest son.  We were playing in a wooded park near dusk and suddenly the setting sunlight became incredible.  It was the first time I was able to play with lighting since I acquired my new camera and bless his little boy heart for standing still for me while I experimented!  I have a lot to learn, I can still see things I would like to change in this photo, but I feel like this is the most interesting lighting shot I have taken.

Telge Park

We took the boys to the park for a picnic and naturally I had to bring the camera to play.  I am so glad I did, I happened to get extremely lucky with the setting sun and captured a few amazing (for me) shots.  Here are my favorites from the outing.

Oct 24, 2011

I Heart Faces - Let Them Be Little

I could very much embrace the photography theme this week.  I have three little boys who are growing far too quickly.  I know the first inclination might be to post a picture of my baby or even my preschooler.  But lately I have been thinking about my firstborn, my funny and very active Evan. 

The start of school has brought mixed emotions.  He does not arrive home from school until close to 4:30pm, and then we have spelling words to practice, math problems to solve, and books to read.  I often find myself thinking, "Just let them be kids!  Don't overwhelm them with homework in the first grade!  Give them the opportunity to play and have fun!"

This is a recent picture of Ev as he was riding his bike after school.  I try really hard to squeeze in these fun little moments for him.

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